23 May

Breast Augmentation is    surgical procedure that involves   increasing of breast size ,shape and texture  by removing fats from certain parts of the body or the  use of  implants. The implants can be silicon or saline in nature. It can also be a non surgical procedure which includes externally applied vacuum devices. In this discussion we are going to look at the   importance of breast augmentation   which include   and is not   limited to the following .It improves self esteem as breasts form an important part of personality. When a woman gets pregnant or older the breasts tend to   sag or reduce in size thus one may loose confidence and have esteem issues. Through Breast augmentation one can regain their confidence and feel good   of their new breast. Breast Augmentation can help improve the body figure as one is able to achieve the ideal breasts that they would like. Check DC Breast implants for more info.

Another importance is that breast augmentation can   help if the body has not properly developed. This is common for women who may have not developed their breasts properly in the adolescence stage. Breast augmentation would be of great help to them as they would have a different outlook of themselves. Their breasts are able to be made in to the sizes they would like in accordance with the doctor's advice. 

 Breast may help women in balancing the hip   and the breasts because some women may have large hip sizes and small breast sizes. Through mommy makeover dc women are able to balance the two perfectly.  Breast   Augmentation helps  in  post mastectomy this is when a cancer patient has  one or both of their  one can breasts removed due to breast cancer.  Through breast augmentation the patients can be able to have new breasts with the texture and size they desire. This will help them regain their femininity.

An advantage of breast augmentation for women is that it increases satisfactory sexual functioning. This is because they are more confident with their partners because of their increased   sizes which in turn increases fulfillment in their relationship. Another advantage of breast augmentation is that it helps restore the body image. Especially for the women who are body builders as they tend to get masculine with the constant weight lifting   at the gym.  Through breast augmentation they are able to have their breasts as they would like them to be .In conclusion breast augmentation has many advantages  but it is important to  seek proper medical attention in case one decides to have the procedure performed on them. Read this article about breast augmentation: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Breast_reconstruction 

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